Pushkar -> Jaisalmer

Last night we left Pushkar after 3 short days. We took a sleeper bus for the first time from Pushkar to Jaisalmer in the west of Rajasthan. We wandered up the street stopped at a random shop where the bus was to apparently stop. After a few mins our bus pulls up we get on around 9:30 at night. We boarded the busy bus to climb into a bunk at the back of the bus with a sliding curtain & window. The bunk was approximately 4ft wide by 3ft high and about 6 ft in length because I couldn’t lay straight I remember. Put 2 packs, 2 small day sacks & Yvet & myself. The temperature dropped dramatically when the bus was in motion. We arrived around 10 hours later to sunrise.

Laying in this small compartment while driving along exclusively rough roads was the equivalent of what I would imagine riding in a refrigerator sized box at the back end of a school bus. laying sideways, I think we were airborne more than we were laying on the bed itself. It was hilarious with a half dozen chai breaks on route.

We arrived, walked a few streets after the usual brushing off the auto (Rickshaw) drivers at the local station. Found a hostel down the street. Went inside, everyone was sleeping. Walked upstairs, woke some people and got a room. The room has a high pressure almost unlimited hot shower. Pure glory after a good stint of cold bathing. Went up to the rooftop for some breakfast. Watched some planes criss cross the sky with some sort of spray?  Listened to military jets crossing the sky all day and what I assume to be gunfire from local military training camps.

Our Brazilian friend Fabio we met back in Rishikesh has booked the same hostel and is now here with us. Tonight we will catch up since we last met back in Rishikesh.



  Sleeper Bus

Sleeper Bus