Last night.

We were almost asleep in bed under the mosquito net, then I thought I felt something possibly moving in the bed. A few minutes later Yvet spots the silhouette of the massive 4 inch cockroach beside her head in the dark shanty beach hut. We hopped up to get the light and remove him from the bed. Now 10 minutes later I'm half asleep, I feel something crawling on my arm. I quickly slapped my arm to the tickle. I open my eyes to see a BRIGHT GLOWING LIQUID SQUIRT from the contact on my arm all over me and the bed! The liquid was illuminating my arm and sheets so brightly you could distinguish the areas around the liquid itself. The glowing light startled the both of us and I hopped up again for the light switch. With just enough time to quickly look at my arm, the bed, Yvet and no actual critter. I shut the light out to see the glowing liquid again. NOTHING! The glow was gone. I flipped the switch on again to exchange strange & amazed facial expressions with her for the next few minutes. Such a strange experience.

I never did find the creature itself but I could see the liquid and the glossy highlights on my arm with the light on. I spoke with a few locals and they told me it could be a “Jugnu" (firefly). I was also told it could be a caterpillar. But none of them had heard of a situation like this before.

Today I googled the shit out of luminescence & luminescent species on our planet. Some interesting stuff out there, it's quite the evolutionary trait with many species in our seas and surprisingly quite a few on land too.